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This has to be the most fluid animation I've seen you upload in recent times. It looks like you're trying to veer away a bit from the Hellbenders style design. I like the new look on the kid. And dad just steals the show :)

But wow, you uploaded something. And it looks like your animation has improved too. I saw this on Youtube. And I love your Samurai Jack parody, too. Man that one I play a thousand times lol. I'll cherish everything you upload to Newgrounds, for however long you'll be doing so. Please don't go away soon, there's a community here that misses you.

I'd ask a favor for you to convince Egoraptor, OneyNG, Stamper, and some other talented guys to pay a visit to Newgrounds, but that would probably be too much. Either way, thank you and I'm glad you came back.

Love it, bro! Man this is awesome. They just needed eyebrows lol. But I'm digging all of the fan animations

Oh my God SpeedoSausage where have you been? I love you man. Thanks for this video, you just made my day. This is one of the best videos I've seen you produce thus far (if not THE best).

Brilliant sir, brilliant! This is the first time I've seen anyone render a Kingdom Hearts fan video in 3D with complete facial expressions (not the first 3D fan video, but the first to do it in the manner described). You also covered all the events in 1.5HD Remix AND added the proper matching music. Seriously, you did more than many other fan videos on the web right now. Good job!

There is genuine intent to entertain the audience with your animation. Bravo! I can tell you've been practicing and have developed your own style. Can't wait to see more of your videos.

atomicenergy responds:

thanks for the feedback and kind words buddy! :)

Wonderful work and amazing send off to the Eddsworld series. There's some serious top notch animation here, probably the best I've seen from the show.

I know the Newgrounds community and the internet has been left with a tremendous positive impact. And that's exactly what this episode celebrates :) Wishing the Gould family the best.

How long has it been since I've seen this parody... This is one of the cartoons which introduced me to Newgrounds.com. It was such a long time ago, literally years. And I'm an animator now.

It was funny then and its still funny now. I don't know if the authors are still active, but if they ever read this: "thank you for making my childhood so much fun."

Bro, you just made my day. Excellent animation and flawless concept.

Hey bro, let me welcome you to Newgrounds.

Your work is more than worthy of praise for a short clip. Bright colors, good voice acting, and fitting music. Hope to see more very soon :)

Love it!!!

Dude that was so AWESOME man. So what were the software you were using? You said Photoshop and MMD? I'm trying to get into 3D animation, but I don't know what's the best stuff these days. I have Blender which is free, but how popular is it really? And then there's Smith Mirco Poser which I hear is great, and then there's also Maya. Could use some advice--which one is more fun?

Hey keep up the good work, love your style :D

Kel-chan responds:

for just getting into 3D- i'd recommend MMD over blender. It's good to just learn the basics of things. From there once you learn that the other programs will come much easier.

Poser is also good or you can try DAZ studio which is just like poser.

I wouldn't start with blender unless you have alot of technical knowledge

I try to focus on quality animation, but even with my skills now, I'm still learning. Someday I'm gonna be a great animator.

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