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This has to be the most fluid animation I've seen you upload in recent times. It looks like you're trying to veer away a bit from the Hellbenders style design. I like the new look on the kid. And dad just steals the show :)

But wow, you uploaded something. And it looks like your animation has improved too. I saw this on Youtube. And I love your Samurai Jack parody, too. Man that one I play a thousand times lol. I'll cherish everything you upload to Newgrounds, for however long you'll be doing so. Please don't go away soon, there's a community here that misses you.

I'd ask a favor for you to convince Egoraptor, OneyNG, Stamper, and some other talented guys to pay a visit to Newgrounds, but that would probably be too much. Either way, thank you and I'm glad you came back.

Love it, bro! Man this is awesome. They just needed eyebrows lol. But I'm digging all of the fan animations

Oh my God SpeedoSausage where have you been? I love you man. Thanks for this video, you just made my day. This is one of the best videos I've seen you produce thus far (if not THE best).

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Yeah, Ive noticed

More and more, these phrases are being used. I recognize a couple of them from Crazy Stickfigure Randomness. Yo you wouldn't mind sending me a few of these sounds, right? I could use them for a video or two.

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I don't believe it... you... you did it. I always believed music could never be truly replicated by a different artist than the author-- in this case, the composition of Yoko Shimomura. But somehow you were able to reignite my imagination of Kingdom Hearts.

The magic, the mystery, the power that just draws you in from that piano... From hearing it I'm so excited and happy-- I'm just waiting for the adventure to begin once again. I'm ready... to dream again.

Are you real?

Let me present to you a true 5/5 score. (PS. The drum was a nice touch, it made it epic)

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Wow bro. This is pretty good. Words escape me...

This is probably the way Spongebob and Patrick see them in their current age lol. Nice work bro

He was the most kickass

I only watched Dragon Ball Z to see Goku fight, not the others (... well, maybe Vegeta and Piccolo too).
Dude you are rediculously talented. Great job!!

I try to focus on quality animation, but even with my skills now, I'm still learning. Someday I'm gonna be a great animator.

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