Entry #6

The time is coming

2015-04-07 17:45:38 by Saikex

After months of production work, license acquisitions, and schedule adjustments; Newgrounds will be seeing a new cartoon series. Practice Toons served as a pilot as mentioned previously. With the loyal support of my friends and collaborators, Newgrounds is about to be rocked out loud.

Tweaked Out Episode 1 technically has been in production for almost 2 years. I know what you're thinking "that's a really long time for 1 episode to be in production." Here were the reasons why: graduation, unemployment, re-employment (HOORAY!!!), adjustment to schedule, purchasing software license, rewritting story, developing characters, normal home demands, holidays, illnesses, blah, blah, blah pfffttt

Screw it man. The internet can't wait anymore! It demands entertainment. And it wants Tweaked Out RIGHT NOW.

With the long production, I've decided to break Episode 1 into a 3-part subepisodes. This is awesome news, because now I can post the show back-to-back. Watch out Newgrounds, Tweaked Out is just around the corner >:) And to celebrate, I'm reuploading the pilot with updated sound and teaser trailer. Watch Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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